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The beautiful rain and dew will moisten you, the sunshine of youth will besieged you, the happy flowers will embellish you, and the days of good luck make you intoxicated. There is a girl's day. May you be happy and happy!


A dish of duck will be homesick for you. A dish of food is loved every day. With a bowl of soup, life will be healthy forever, and a cup of wine will last for a long time. I wish you a happy holiday of girls' day.


May the joy and laughter of the girl's Day linger on you forever. Please remember, there is a friend who has been wishing you all the time. Look forward to everything you want! Happy girl's Day!


The girl's day this year does not give a gift, send a card to you. Healthy and happy long with you, happy and full of stick you, and I want to tell you that the God of wealth is already staring at you!


You turn the dance step, take the time of youth; you let go of the song and sing a beautiful year; you swing your sleeve and write a happy life. The girl's Day is here. I wish you always be happy with you.


The sun is my smile, the sea is my heart, and you are a blossoming cloud that brushed my side and reconciled my life.


If I turn every compliment of you into a flower, I will always be a garden full of flowers. I wish you a happy holiday!


The stars, the moon is beautiful, not beautiful your eyes; the beauty of flowers, the beauty of the soul, not your eyes; beauty, the beauty of the soul, nor your holiday beauty. I wish you a happy girl's Day!


Today is 37 girls' day, what I want to do is the following: one, beauty you are always right. Two, if the beauty is wrong, I will refer to the first.


Girl's day, come to life, good luck day by day, BBK, lottery period, playing cards and win, taste good place, if I dare to forget, be careful cudgel.


At this point today: all the monks of your hair long, all the president's call you, give you all the handsome flowers, all men become a fool for you. Happy holidays!


The stars are small, the night is quiet, and on your way home, I send my sincere blessing. Stars like me, with you, a friend, I wish you a happy girl's Day!


There is a feeling: not love, but surpassing love's intimacy; not friendship, but beyond the distance of friendship; not love, but surpassing the order of affection. It is called boudoir, pro, happy girl's Day!


Your smile, the heart! You see, the world is shocking! Your one stop, the traffic is paralyzed! You don't dress up, it's pretty good! You dress up, the universe is marveled! Beautiful girl, I wish you a happy girl's day.


I'm going to turn everything into cream, all the blessings are chocolate, and it's always happy to make a cake. At you! And then say happy girl's Day!


Happy girl's Day! I wish you joy in this festival: Kenneth legitimate cause, the body as strong as the tiger, numerous money, not work hard, carefree like monkeys, like romantic music, happy for you!


You are the flower Fantasia hero, you are beautiful youth angel, you are the sun in the flowers, you are happy. Girls' Day is here, and may you enjoy your happy years.


You are a picture, fresh and elegant; you are a little poem, gentle and meaningful; you are a wisp of wind and caring; you are a spring flower, tender and lovely. Girl's Day is here, wish you happiness forever!


A sincere, is better than a thousand gold; warm wanlihan frost, a greeting, sent a warm and sweet; a message, send me one heart! Wish my friend a happy girl's Day!


One day I shone Aladdin's lamp, and the light God said, I'll meet your wish. I said: please bless the happy festival of the girls who are watching.


Your body is enchanting; your wisdom is superior; your charm is no enemy; your happiness dump the world. Girls' Day is here, I wish you no limit, happy sunshine!


Busy for another year, the girl festival to send a wish. Sincerely wish the sisters, love is sweeter than honey. Work hard and make a lot of money!


Those who receive my blessing will never be fired; those who read will fly to Tengda; those who will store will be sweet in love; those who will be deleted will be lucky again; the wages of forwards will skyrocket. Happy girl's Day!


Teach you a lesson you shine, give you a little fat you gain weight, give you a rose you feel dizzy, give you a husband you do not know the direction, ha ha, I wish you a happy day!


Ladies and gentlemen: free access to the Internet; young ten years old; school not tired; handsome guy queuing; nothing can not; old food is not fat; clothes are not expensive!


In this continuous spring time, youth is like a blooming flower with love time. All the girls here, to be happy!


Girls are like flowers; flowers are like girls. Maybe, you are the flower fairy that is like a dream. In this special day, I wish you a more beautiful and mature day!


Miss you, like the mouse loves the rice, in order to remember you forever, so every day to save meters, finally saved up a bag of rice, taking advantage of the holiday to you, I wish you more and more beautiful! 


You are charming, you are beautiful, you are lovely, you are gentle, I wish you always charming, beautiful and lovely! Happy girl's Day!


Let all the expectations and wishes to you, let your holiday filled with joy, wish you every year brighter. Happy girl's Day!


Poly Himalayas of the sun, the breeze from the remotest corners of the globe, antagonistic Gangdise mountains blessings, sucking Bill Gates buck, as a gift to you, I wish you a happy day!


Mature in silk green, bright with silk noble, elegant with silk narcissism, silk romantic innocence, a silk sly smile, this is you, a lovely girl! Happy girl's day.


Your dance dazzled me, your song let me call me your makeup crumbling, all eyes, so I can not forget your smile. Girl's day, I wish you happy beauty, beautiful and infinite, I love you!


At this point today: you all the monks hair long, all the president's call, all handsome give the flower to you, all men turn the fool for you. Happy holidays!


This season, I have the deepest thoughts. Let the wind take the full blessings, full of your sweet dreams, and wish you a brighter and brighter year.


The girl came to the festival, I wish you in the festival: the cause of very influential, the mood sunny, wages earth-shaking changes, future unlimited scenery, romantic love is still, happy.


Little sisters, you are happy, because you are very simple, so do not love easily, do not hate easily, leaving more youthful impressions of youth.


Today, I saw a meteor across the sky, and I closed my eyes and prayed with my hands. Do you want to know what I wish to do? Tell you: happy girl's Day!


Your charm to make you all the monks hair long, let all the president to call you, let all the handsome give the flower to you, all men turn the fool for you. Haha, beautiful women happy holiday!


Wish you all the hope, all the dreams can be realized, all the expectations can come true, all the effort can be cashed!


My dearest friend: the girl's Day is coming. I wish God bless you in this new year. Avalokiteshvara protects you! The God of wealth holds you! The God of love shoots you! Shishen kiss you!


Happy girl's Day! I wish you a happy and happy wish. A wonderful wish to wish you a round career! A beautiful wish for you to wish you a sweet love!


Clouds envy your clothes, flowers envy your looks, gentle breeze and darkness hate your gentleness, drizzle and miss your beauty, but I can't help appreciating your uniqueness. I wish you a happy girl's Day!


Send me the beautiful sunshine, spring breeze to send my best wishes, the ornament of your life, dove will greetings to you. Happy girl's Day!


Talented women can attract men, beautiful women can confuse men, and I am attracted to you by you now. What do you say? Ha ha, happy holiday!


Free Internet, young ten years old, work is not tired, the handsome guy queues, nothing will not, the sea is not fat, clothes are not expensive. Happy girl's Day!


Today, girls' day, together with beauty: look up to the sun, open your hands and breathe the fragrance of flowers, eyes slowly close, the corners of the mouth slightly upwards. Do it once a day, and may you be in a sweet mood.


Not as soon as possible, not later, just to catch a clever. Early, the blessings of meaningless, late, afraid to not send, on the girl's day to be sent to. I wish you a happy holiday and a wonderful mood.


The first sunshine is my deep blessings to you, put away the last hint of sunset red is my sincere greetings to you, in the New Year approaching, send sincere blessings: happy girl's day!


I saw a meteor across the sky last night, and I closed my eyes and prayed with my hands. Do you want to know what I wish to do? Tell you: happy girl's Day!


The girl's day coming, wish you charming spring, summer Lu cool, cool autumn wind, winter snows. Every day is safe and happy, the moon is fruitful, and the girl's Day is happy!


The first day of this festival, I bless you in silence, let your life: pleasant summer, winter is warm, autumn is harvest and spring garden.


I know that joy can be tied to the ribbon of the new year, and now I put my thoughts on you in my heart. Happy girl's Day!


Time for blessing and Ambilight, the air for blessing and fragrant, I wish you happy at this moment, I wish you a happy holiday this present life happy, beautiful!


Without the sun, flowers will not be opened; without love, happiness will not come; without women, there will be no love; without you, I don't know what the future is, wishing girls a happy day. 


Talented women can attract men, beautiful women can confuse men, and I am attracted to you by you now. What do you say?


Do you like flowers, brilliant fragrance; you like delicate, gentle myriad; you a warm fire, full of passion; your gentle, very pretty and charming. Girls' Day is here, and all the girls are happy and happy.


Girl's day, good good and wonderful blessing to give you beautiful and charming you; a beautiful you like a beautiful word, beautiful life.


If beauty is a crime, you have been guilty of the most heinous crimes! If temperament is a kind of wrong, you have! I wish you the best in the world and a happy girl's Day!


I want to send you flowers, but I'm afraid you will misunderstand me. I want to write a poem for you, but I find others have written a lot. I can only use a card to tell you: happy girl's Day!


My dearest friend: wish God bless you in this girl's Day! Avalokiteshvara protects you! The God of wealth holds you! The God of love shoots you! Shishen kiss you!


The world is beautiful because of the birth of women! A small greeting is a deep meaning! Happy girl's Day!


Without the sun, flowers will not open; without love, happiness will not come; without you, there will be no love; bless you, happy girl's Day!


Grapes, banana and red apples, I wish you miss the result! Carrot and cucumber, Chinese cabbage, I wish you love every day! Cola tea white boiling water, I wish you all good sleep! Happy girl's Day!


The world is beautiful because of the birth of women; today the world's women's minds are closer to their dreams. I wish you a happy girl's Day!


Women should cultivate their body and mind like moonlight, gentle and gentle, broad-minded and intelligent, so that people who live together can be bathed in the cool moonlight.


The girl's day, ask you a good health body; times, especially good mood; good luck day by day, again tastes always wonderful; the family out of gold, the wall long notes.


In the vast sea of humanity, when you receive this sincere blessing, please use your strength to head against the wall, see no, your eyes are countless stars, that is my blessing.


What happiness is, is a group of people crazy together, mature with a green. Smile with a little unruly, wish all the girls girls festival happiness, happiness is to wait until the flowers.


No matter where I am, I wish I had only one turn away from you. In this special day, let my heart dance with you together. I wish you a happy girl's Day!


Today is your holiday, and when you open the door first moment, all the members of the student union give you the first blessing of the day. Happy girl's Day!


Remember to relax tired, bitter with friendship, smile beautiful vivid, sweet wind consist of beauty, hate, life colorful, happy and beautiful girls festival.


The annual girl's day, the lovely you have a good rest. The work is not tired, money or full; out of trouble, happy around. The beauty is great, the music is true!


I wish all the girls: 3 surround the devil; happy everyday love; persistence; petty bourgeoisie sentiment; shopping crazy!


Pain is best for others, happiness is their own. Trouble is temporary. Friends are always eternal. Love is managed by heart, and there is no big deal in the world. Happy girl's Day!


The rose is my passion, the candy is my taste, the stars are my eyes, the moonlight is my soul, and it is given to you, happy girl's Day!


With you, the world is at peace; with you, there is marriage in the world; only with you, can you have a better life. If you have girls, there is my blessing.


This time of year, blessings will flock to you like the ocean, I hope my blessings like a canoe, you ride the wind and waves, on the other side of success! Happy girl's Day!


University life is wonderful, the girls like smile. An elegant and elegant man is praised by the knowledgeable people. The firm will learn diligently, build brilliant future career. I wish you a happy girl's Day!


The girl's Day is here. What do you want to do? Whatever you do, please remember my motto: smile is a good medicine, music is the secret, sleep can let you forget everything. I wish you a happy girl's day.

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